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Tanay Mountains Guide | Philippines

The Tanay Mountains in the Calabarzon Region of the Philippines is a beautiful location that offers a great deal for visitors, no matter if you're looking for a challenging hike or a place to practice your photography.

This mountain range includes a few gorgeous mountains, including Treasure Mountain and Mt. Mapalad, that are well worth visiting. All the mountains in this area are challenging to climb and offer panoramic views of the surrounding Rizal Province.

This area is located about 2 hours from Manila and is pretty easy to access, especially if you have a 4x4 car. These mountains provide opportunities for hiking, camping, and experiencing breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Tanay Mountains Philippines

Tanay Mountains: At a Glance

  • Location: Tanay, Philippines (Rizal Province)

  • Elevation: ~1,650 feet (505 meters)

  • Known For: Amazing views of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges

  • Camping? Yes.

  • Family Friendly? Yes, some hikes are harder than others, though.

To See in the Tanay Mountains

The Tanay Mountains are not a very well-known region of the Philippines, but for those in the area, they present a fantastic place for a day excursion or an entire vacation, depending on your interests. The area is quite popular with those in the region of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Sierra Madre Mountains
A view of the impressive Sierra Madre Mountains in the Philippines

The Sierra Madre Mountain Range

The Sierra Madre Mountain Range is the longest mountain range in the Philippines, stretching over approximately 540 kilometers (340 miles) along the eastern coast of Luzon, the largest island in the country. It spans several provinces, including Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Aurora, Quezon, and Rizal.

The Sierra Madre is characterized by its rugged terrain, dense forests, steep slopes, and numerous rivers and waterfalls. It serves as a natural barrier protecting the eastern part of Luzon from typhoons and other weather disturbances coming from the Pacific Ocean.

Treasure Mountain

This is one of the better-known mountains/attractions in the area, as it provides visitors with a large area for a weekend adventure. Its name, according to anecdotal reports, comes from the memories that one is likely to form while visiting there.

There's an obstacle course on the mountains' slops, which includes a spider web course, a high swing, biking, and more. You can also camp in the area.

There are some truly amazing views from the adventure park as well, allowing you to see down into the valley and a commonly-formed sea of clouds.

Philippines Mountains
An example of the amazing views you can get while visiting the Tanay Mountains.

Famous Mountains in Tanay

Here are a few of the most popular mountain hikes in Tanay, Phillippines. These are all similar in length but do vary in difficulty, so make sure to choose wisely and consult local conditions to make sure every trail is in good shape before you go!

Mt. Mapalad

Mt. Mapalad is a popular hike in the area that makes most people around 3 hours to complete. It takes you up and above the valley on an often-steep trail to a really beautiful overlook. It can be pretty popular, though, so we highly recommend visiting on the weekend.

Mt. Maynoba

Another popular hike in the area is Mt. Maynoba. It's a steep trail that follows rocks and a faint path to the summit.

Mt. Daraitan

This is a great hike in the area that offers truly amazing views from the summit. It's only 3 miles long but gains a decent amount of elevation, around 1,700 feet. The trail should take most people around 3 hours to complete.

Tanay Mountain Region View
The Tanay Mountains are known for their sweeping views of green valleys and clouds.

Mt. Mataripis

Yet another mountain in the beautiful Tanay Mountains region. It's also considered to be fairly hard, requiring about 5 miles of hiking and 1,600 ft of elevation gain. There are signs to help direct you along the way, and you should be prepared for some slick rock sections.

Mount Kulis & Sambong Peak

Another similar-length trail is the Mt. Kulis and Sambong Peak trail, which takes visitors about 3.5 miles out and back to the summit of both peaks. It's easier than some of the other mountain climbs we've mentioned here and should only take you about 2 hours to complete.

Mount Lobo

You might also be interested in visiting the Mount Lobo trail in the Tanay Mountains. It's 4 miles long and should take about 2.5 hours to complete the whole thing.

Mount Sapari

Less popular than some of the other hikes mentioned above, Mount Sapari is a 5-mile hike that takes about 4 hours to complete. It's a newer option for those visiting the mountains of Tanay.

Mount Binutasan

Lastly, Mount Binutasan is another interesting choice that's a bit longer than the other hikes on this list at 7.5 miles. But it's far less steep than previously mentioned hikes.

Philippines Mountains
Mountains in the Philippines are known for their incredibly smooth, sweeping hills.

The View

From the summits of these mountains, which are often quite rocky, you're going to see amazing views of other rock formations and rolling green hills that go on for miles. You might also catch sight of waterfalls as well.

To See Nearby

Nearby, you might want to take the time to visit Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls, which are popular spots for swimming and picnicking. You could also check out the Calinawan Cave, which is a popular tourist attraction in Tanay.

Tanay Mountains
A humorous boat-like structure at the summit of a mountain in the Tanay area.

Also of interest may be the Nagpatong Rock Formation, a very unique block-shaped geologic formation above water.

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