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Mountains in South Africa.jpg

Mountains in South Africa

The majestic mountains of South Africa offer a diverse range of spectacular sights. The towering heights of the Drakensberg range in KwaZulu-Natal give visitors breathtaking views across the region. The Cedarberg range near Cape Town provides a  backdrop of rocky outcrops with unique mountain flora. The sandstone formations of the Swartberg Mountains near  Oudtshoorn make for an impressive drive. Further inland, the  Magaliesberg mountains outside of Johannesburg offer stunning landscapes and rock climbing challenges. The golden slopes of the Witwatersrand and Waterberg ranges provide lush, vibrant landscapes, whilst the Groot Winterhoek range of the Western  Cape promises unspoiled hiking trails. South Africa’s mountains provide visitors with unforgettable views and memorable experiences, offering a gateway to a vast, natural playground.

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