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Mountains in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian highlands are home to some of the most spectacular mountain views in the world. From the lofty peaks of  Simien Mountains National Park to the highest mountain in the country, Ras Dejen, there is no shortage of stunning scenery in  Ethiopia. Located in the northwestern region, the Simien  Mountains provide jaw-dropping panoramas of craggy peaks and soaring heights, as well as numerous endemic species. The breathtaking mountain scenery of the Bale Mountains also makes  Ethiopia a special place for hikers and climbers, where magnificent scenery such as Mount Tullu Deemtu can be explored. Further south lies the Danakil Depression, the world's lowest point and a hot, inhospitable desert. With stunning, jagged peaks like those of Mount Dogon and the unique natural beauty of this region, Ethiopia's mountains provide plenty of incredible experiences.

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