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Moldoveanu Peak: The Tallest Mountain in Romania

Moldoveanu Peak is the tallest mountain in Romania. It rises to a height of 8,346' and is located in Argeș County in the Făgăraş Mountains. The mountain has a significant prominence of around 6,700'.

Moldoveanu Peak is a gorgeous mountain located near the small towns of Victoria and Câmpulung. Most climbs start at Bâlea Lac pass after an incredibly scenic drive up Transfăgărășan road.

Modoveanu Peak

The Făgăraş Mountains

Moldoveanu Peak is part of the Făgăraş Mountains. This is the highest part of the Southern Carpathian Mountains in Romania. It includes some of the tallest mountains in this part of Europe, as well as glacier lakes and a wide variety of wildlife.

Other mountains of note in the area are:

  • Negoiu (8,317 ft)

  • Viștea Mare (8,291 ft)

  • Lespezi (8,255 ft)

  • Cornul Călțunului (8,230 ft)

  • Vânătoarea lui Buteanu (8,225 ft)

  • Hârtopul Darei (8,222 ft)

Modoveanu Peak in the fog
Modoveanu Peak in the fog

The Făgăraş Mountains are a very popular hiking and mountaineering destination used throughout the year. In the summer, most peaks are free of snow and are perfect for day hiking and backpacking trips, using the huts scattered throughout the area. in winter, when snow-covered, the difficulty increases significantly.

Modoveanu Peak in winter
The stunning Modoveanu Peak in winter

Climbing Moldoveanu Peak

While not nearly as tall as some of the other mountains in Europe, the high point of Romania is still a tough climb requiring technical expertise and forward planning. The shortest trail to the top starts in Victoria and heads towards the Portiţa Viştei refuge.

The best time to climb the mountain is in the summer when the peak is free of snow. With clear trails, the hike to the top is mostly a long walk. But the hike is pretty long, so make sure to plan ahead if there is enough time to return to safety. There are a few huts on the mountain that hikes can take refuge in. They are:

Modoveanu Peak on a cloudy day
Modoveanu Peak on a cloudy day
  • Valea Sâmbetei hut - below the main ridge. Often where hikers start their ascent of the mountain.

  • Turnuri hut - in the Podragu Valley area. A good starting point if you're climbing the mountain from the west.

  • Podragu hut - near the Turnuri hut, in the Podragu Valley area.

  • Portiţa Viştei refuge - at the foot of the mountain and nearby Viştea Mare peaks.

If you're planning on staying at one of these historic huts, make sure to bring sleeping bags.

If you're planning on climbing the mountain in winter, it's a very different story. It will be show-covered, and conditions will be far more dangerous. Avalanches are a danger that needs to be considered.

Modoveanu Peak in Romania

Flora and Fauna

In the area, visitors to Moldoveanu Peak can expect to see some gorgeous Romanian flowers and wildlife. Some are far rarer than others.

If you're lucky, you might get to see griffon vultures, a Eurasian lynx, or even a brown bear (be careful!). Wolves and wild boars also live in the area.

Plant life includes beech trees, fir trees, spruce trees, edelweiss, rhododendron, and much more.

Modoveanu Peak

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