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Lamoka Mountain - Pennsylvania

Lamoka Mountain is located in Frankin Township, Pennsylvania. It's just south of Highway 414 and close to Monroe, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The mountain is part of the Allegheny Plateau.

The mountain features an underrated but beautiful trail to the summit near Cash Pond. It features a well-maintained trail, with only a few moments where you might have to pause to navigate, as well as blazes to help you find your way.

The easiest way to access it is from Bull Run Road.

Lamoka Mountain

Lamoka Mountain: At a Glance

  • Location: 41.675537 -76.560453

  • Height: 1,942 feet (592 meters)

  • Prominence: 52 feet

  • Nearest Town: Monroe, Pennsylvania

  • Hike Difficulty: Moderate

The mountain is the 12th tallest peak in Bradford County!

Monroe, PA
Lamoka Mountain is near Monroe, PA

Hiking Lamoka Mountain

To get to the summit of Lamoka Mountain, you'll start from Bull Run Road and take a blazed trail around the east side of the mountain.

Along the way, you might notice a few unmarked trails. These are for ATVs as well as a Game Commission gravel road. Make sure you keep an eye on the blazes to make sure you're always on the right trail.

Lamoka Mountain features a clearly-blazed trail.

The view provides you with a stunning look over Schrader Creek Valley. You might even notice a mine entrance along the way!

Nearby Mountains

If you love hiking in this area or are just interested in learning more about mountains in the area, here are some nearby peaks to explore:

  • Naglee Mountain 1,919' (585m)

  • Cash Mountain 1,925' (587m)

  • Stone Mountain 1,873' (571m)

  • Kellogg Mountain 2,125' (649m)

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